Lydd Primary School

Lydd Primary School
Village Academy

A message from the Class Teacher:


Welcome to Ducklings Reception Unit! We would like to introduce you to the Ducklings Reception Team.  Mrs Bayliss and Mrs Bamford share the teaching of Ducklings. Mrs James and Mrs Furlong are our Teaching Assistants. Mrs Redshaw is currently enjoying Maternity Leave.

We use different themes to teach the 7 EYFS areas of learning. By using these areas, young children have a focus for their learning and also start to see the links between the various areas of the curriculum. We use the children’s interests to plan these themes, which we then break down into different activities through which we teach the skills the children require. By planning from their interests, we receive maximum engagement in what we are teaching them!

Currently, in  the Ducklings class, learning continues to be planned around the seven areas of learning within the Early Years Foundation Stage to allow the children to experience the different equipment, facilities and opportunities we have in the Ducklings classroom. 

Themes so far:

Term Five: Superheroes and Minibeasts

Reading: The children have learnt all the phase 2 and 3 sounds now, including lots of digraphs (two letters joined together to make one sound e.g. ai, ng, oa). They are 'buzzing' with their reading and are enjoying the challenge of the school reading reward system. Sound mats have been sent home so that you can continue to practice these with your child and we also encourage all parents to spend time with their child learning the tricky words on their word wall. Reading with your child frequently will encourage them to create stories and help them build their confidence too. 

Writing: Ducklings have been learning how to write sentences. We are always challenging the children to remember their finger spaces, capital letters and full stops! We have been reading both fiction and non-fiction books and using these to help us with our writing. A favourite this term has been 'Superworm!' 

Maths: Our main focus this term has been ordering numbers from 0-20 and being able to say one more or less than a given number. We have had fun with some 'Superhero Subtraction'! The children have also had fun with the water, measuring cupfuls of 'red super potion' into different containers. 


We look forward to sharing with you our adventures in Reception!

Mrs Bayliss, Mrs Bamford, Mrs James and  Mrs Furlong.