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Year 2: Foxes Class

A Message from the Class Teacher

Hello New Foxes!

Hello Foxes (old and new!) I hope you are all having a lovely holiday! Foxes who are coming to me in September, I have created a little video below for you to enjoy!


Advice video - Tuesday 28/7/20

Hi all,

Please see a video below from Miss Simmonds all about being in KS2!  I hope you are having a lovely holiday!

Miss Fitton


Welcome Videos - Thursday 16/7/20

This weeks videos are slightly different and I think very eagerly awaited! Please find below the welcome videos from Miss Simmonds and Mrs Lucas. There is one further video to come, I believe, answering questions that were submitted on the blog, so stay tuned!


Maths and English Activities, Walk Photos and Website Recommendation - Thursday 9/7/20

Hello everyone,

I hope you are well and looking forward to the summer holidays approaching! Hopefully we will have some lovely weather to get out and about and explore our local areas!

Please find here, the latest set of Maths and English activities, including comprehensions:

Maths and English Activities - 9/7/20

I have also got a new website recommendation for you - it is FANTASTIC! This week's is the Stonehenge website from English Heritage. Find it here:

There is loads to do and learn, including star gazing at the live sky above stonehenge, looking at how it was constructed and learning why it is such an important monument. 


Lastly, I thought you might enjoy seeing some photos from a walk I took round my local area - I met a few friends along the way! (Alpacas, chickens, white marbled butterflies and cinnabar moth caterpillars)











Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Chapter 5 - The Whomping Willow - Wednesday 8/7/20

Morning All, 

Please excuse any delays on Mondays and Tuesdays as I am working at the Marsh Academy all day. Please find below this weeks chapter from HP and the Chamber of Secrets. Stand by for work to be posted relating to it.



English Skills Video - Friday 3/7/20

Good morning all!

I hope you are well? A quick reminder that if you want to send any work or photos for me to see, then please feel free to email and add subject info as for the attention of Miss Fitton and it will be forwarded on to me! (Please be aware that this can sometimes take me a bit longer to reply to as they occasionally end up in the junk-mail folder!)

Please find below today's English skills video based on word types. 

Once you have watched it, I highly recommend the Anchor Education video on youtube about nouns, verbs and adjectives which I discuss at the end of today's video. It can be found here:  -  We advocate safe internet use at Lydd so as usual PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR GROWNUP BEFORE FOLLOWING INTERNT LINKS TO YOUTUBE OR OTHER WEBSITES. Thank you.



New Maths Skills Video - Thursday 2/7/20

Hi all,

I have uploaded below a recap on multiplication and the theory behind it (arrays and repeated addition).

I strongly recommend watching the following youtube videos afterwards (mentioned at the end of the video - always check with your adult before using youtube) as they will support the final strategy I discuss in the video:

Counting in 2's -

Counting in 3's -

Counting in 5's -

Counting in 10s -


English Activities, Website Recommendations and New Blog Page - Tuesday 30.6.20

Hi All,

Please find here the latest set of English activities. As discussed last week, there are no maths tasks as the activities were released late in the week last week. I have however, still written some English tasks to go with this weeks chapter of Harry Potter (released yesterday, see below). It also contains reading comprehensions, as did the last set.

Find it here: English Activities - 30.6.20

I have also received a great website recommendation this week from Mrs Redshaw who is in charge of Science at our school. The Explorify website ( ) has a great range of activities to support home learning in Science. It's free to sign up so have a look!

Lastly, I will be starting a new blog this week on Purple Mash, so head on over for a chat with your classmates!


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Chapter 4 - At Flourish and Blotts - Monday 29.6.20



Maths and English Activities - Friday 26.6.20

Hi all, please find the latest set of maths and English activities here:

Maths and English Activities - 26.6.20

I am releasing a new Harry Potter chapter on Monday, so although this set of activities will last you until late/end of next week, I will do another set of English ones on Tuesday to relate to the next HP chapter, just so we don't get out of sync...pick and choose which tasks you do as there will be plenty to choose from between this upload and the next set coming on Tuesday!

Do have a look at these ones still, as I think I've come up with some really lovely tasks that hopefully your kiddiewinks might enjoy! I'd be particularly interested to see any work if you have the facility to email a photo or scanned image to Jo at the school office! ( )...especially of the task relating to this image: :-) 


Latest Videos and Website Recommendation - Thurs 25/6/20

Hi All,

Sorry it's been a while since my last website post...but it means I have a bumper load of bits to share today!

The first thing to share is a great website recommendation. I have been enjoying the virtual tours at London's National Gallery - have a look if you have a budding artist at home! They also offer tutorials on their instagram page, like how to use flowers from your walk to create your very own Van Gogh's sunflowers piece! You can find the website here:

 Below, please find videos from the last couple of days, including the video from our special guest that I mentioned in a previous post (see below).


Maths Skills video - Extended Vertical Method - Subtraction.


English skills video - Sentence Types


Harry Potter Chapter 3 - The Burrow - Monday 22/6/20

Hi all, please find below the next chapter of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!



Yeeeeaaaaaarrrrrr me'hearties! Happy Pirate Friday!

Have a look at some of this 'ere codswallopin' piratey work, mateys!

Pirate bits and bobs for home-schooling Foxes


Last of the Work Packs and Special (Virtual) Guest Video - Thursday 18/6/20

Good afternoon! You may remember that when I started uploading the 'work packs', I stressed they were not 'new' sets of work, but just that I had grouped all the resources I previously uploaded to the 'Home Learning' page by topic. We have now got to the last 2 folders of work (see below) from this and I hope you have found it useful to have the work grouped by area to more easily find and target specific areas of learning.

Word Types

Writing Ideas

As I knew these work packs would not last forever, I have started to write up sets of learning activities you can do at home (see 'Maths and English Activities - 16.6.20' below for the first one). These will continue for the foreseeable future as well as daily Purple Mash tasks being added...please remember, the Purple Mash activities are not a list of things you must do, I have tried to add as much as I can to give you a large range of activities to choose from! Alongside this, I will still be uploading regular videos (Maths and English skills, other videos of interest and Harry Potter chapters weekly), suggesting weekly websites/resources to enjoy via facebook and this page and also communicating with the children on the blog, adding a new conversation weekly to interest the children.

Lastly today, I will be adding another video which has been filmed by someone other than me (social distancing measures adhered to, of course!) so stay tuned for something a bit different! It may be the case that the person in question won't get the video to me in time today and this video may be posted tomorrow instead - apologies if this is the case! Stand by!


Maths Skills Video and Work Packs - Wednesday 17/6/20

Good morning, please find the link below to this weeks 'maths skills revision' video which is based on fractions. Please make sure you have paper and pen/pencil ready as you will need them to join in with the video!

Today's work packs:

Telling the Time

Wider Curriculum


Website Recommendation, Maths and English Activities and Work Packs - Tuesday 16.6.20

Good morning all! I have put together today a document with 5 English and 5 Maths activities on in case you are getting to the end of the work packs I have been re-uploading! I will try to write a new set of activities weekly but please still continue to browse and use the work packs that I have been uploading that are organised by subject as they are great for targeting areas that need a bit of revision!

The first 10 activities are here:

Maths and English Activities - 16/6/20

Here are the next two work packs:

Multiplication and Division


Lastly, I have been researching great websites to keep you entertained but that are also educational. This weeks recommendation is: or if the link doesn't work, search London zoo virtual tour. It is the London Zoological Society's website offering lots of videos of their animals for you to enjoy from your home during lockdown! If you missed last weeks recommendation (went up on facebook), I recommended the Natural History Museum's virtual tours page.


Work Folders, Chamber of Secrets Chapter 2 and Blog Info - Monday 15/6/20

Good morning, today's work folders are:


Sentence Types

I am going to be adding a new conversation in our blog today which will hopefully be a place for some creative writing (Find it here: 

If the link does not work, please go to 'Sharing' green globe tab along the top of Purple Mash and select 'shared blogs' to see the Fox class blog link) which will hopefully be a place for some creative writing.

I will be linking it to one of class books, Journey by Aaron Becker (Find it here) and asking Fox class children to continue a story that I will begin based on the magic crayon from this story! Please nip over, have a read of what has already been written for the class story and see if you can add to it!

Lastly, please find here the next chapter from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets:



Today's Work Folders + English Skills video (Spellings) - Friday 12/6/20

Please find here, today's work packs:


Reading Comprehension

I am also in the process of filming an English Skills Video (about spellings) which I will upload later today (Friday 12th June)   

*Sorry, this video took a little longer to make and edit! Here it is - Monday 15th)*




Work Folders and today's OurLives Video - ("Garden Tour 2!") - Thursday 11/6/20

Good morning everyone! I hope you have been enjoying my videos! Please find today's work packs here:

General Maths


I have also made a new video this may remember my first ever video was a tour around my garden...if you don't remember this one or haven't watched PLEASE WATCH IT BEFORE TODAY'S VIDEO, it can be found by scrolling down to the last video! Today's video is an update to see how much the garden has changed and how the vegetable plants I was hardening off in the first video look now!



Further Work Folders - Wednesday 10/6/20

Data and Graphs



Phonics and Spelling


Latest Videos and Work Folders - Tuesday 9/6/20

Please find below, the final chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, plus the first chapter of book 2 - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

I have also uploaded the first of a set of 'maths skills' videos I will be making, to refresh their memory on key skills we have learnt in year 2. Today's is 'Extended Vertical Method'.

Finally below these three videos, you will also find the first batch of Maths and English Worksheets grouped into topics. These are the same batches of work I have been uploading to the home learning section of the website, but I have grouped them now by topic to make it easier for you to find what you might be looking for...


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Chapter 1 - The Worst Birthday



Chapter 17 - The Man With Two Faces - Final Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Chapter!


Maths Skills - Extended Vertical Method:

Work Folders:

Addition and Subtraction Pack

General Grammar Pack



'OurLives' Videos - 2/6/20

I have regularly been recording and submitting videos to the 'OurLives' website (as mentioned in parentmails) but I thought I would also post the videos on our class page too, just in case you are having trouble accessing them! All the videos so far (2/6/20) are shown here:

CHAPTER 13: Nicolas Flamel

Chapter 14: Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback

Chapter 15 - The Forbidden Forest

Chapter 16 - Through the Trapdoor:

All other videos:

Story Challenge:

 Vet Tour:

 Egyptian Challenge:

Garden Tour:



I hope you are all well. I am adding activities to the 'Home Learning' page of the website (under 'parents') to help you support your children during these difficult times - there are already lots of things there that you can enjoy. Please don't feel pressured to complete everything but the more you can manage the better! Also please don't forget the home learning packs that I originally prepared and sent home as these are key skills that should be practiced regularly. Alongside this, there are lots of '2-Dos' on the purple mash website and I would love to hear that you've been reading regularly too.

I look forward to seeing you all again soon - I'm certainly missing the children's smiling faces!

Miss Fitton


(Scroll down to see what we have been up to!)

Welcome to Fox Class!  We are a Year 2 class who enjoy learning new things, whether it be through delving onto our latest literacy book, using our maths skills to solve the latest problem solving challenge or learning through history, geography and the creative curriculum in our exciting topic work!  We hope you enjoy having a look around our website!


What will we be learning this year?

Have a look below to see what we will be up to this term!

The Leaf Men - William Joyce

We will be sharing and enjoying stories, writing instructions, poems and recounts, describing characters and settings and role playing.  We study each book for a few weeks using the book to cover as many forms of writing as possible.  Through that work we will look at things like adjectives/nouns/verbs, finger spaces, cursive handwriting, direct speech, conjunctions, exclamations and questions, punctuation, developing vocabulary and phonics/spelling.


  • Finding 10 more and less
  • Addition and subtraction to solve problems
  • Partitioning numbers into hundreds, tens and units and the associated place value
  • Comparing numbers using more/less and using , > and = signs
  • Using inverse to check answers to problems 
  • Using coins to make values
  • Estimate and measure using CM and M


Wider Curriculum

We will be:

  • Looking at Materials, seasonal and daily weather changes and Dinosaurs.
  • Looking at Hinduism and then Christianity.
  • Designing a product using a criteria.
  • Using tools for printing
  • Creating dances.
  • Singing songs understanding pace and tempo

What you can do to help at home?

Reading is the MOST important thing you can do with your child.  We would encourage at least 3 reading sessions with an adult at home per week, if not more!  It has a HUGE impact on their progress in school!

To improve their in-depth understanding of their text, trying using these questions:

Do you see a word you know?                         Is it like a word you already know?

What would make sense/sound right?             Can you see a word inside the word?

What would you expect to see at the beginning of ...?         

Does the sentence make sense?

Where and when did the story take place?                   What happened after?

What did s/he/it look like?                                          How many ...?     

Who was s/he/it? Can you name the ...?                        Describe what happened at ...?

Where did s/he/it live?                                                Who spoke to ...?

Who are the characters in the book?                             Identify who ...?

Which is true and which is false ...?                                Can you tell me why?


We will also send home spellings for your child to learn.  Try to make this fun by playing games, singing songs, making up rhymes or silly stories and generally having fun with it! 

Some of the games you could try are:

  • Silly sentences! Can you create just one sentence with all this week’s spellings in?
  • Parent/guardian to cover the spelling word (written out large) with something and slide into view gradually… what word do you think it is? How do you know? What letters can you see that give it away?
  • Word un-jumble…pull letters out of a bag and re-arrange to spell this week’s spellings.
  • Pair up and play ‘noughts and crosses’ but with spelling words. 
  • How many times can you write your spellings in 1 minute? Can you beat your grown-up?
  • Try writing your spellings on the line with your eyes closed – who’s is the neatest?
  • Who can write their spellings the smallest and spell it correctly?
  • Who can make the letters to spell out their spellings from just paper…no scissors, glue or sellotape!
  • Create some spelling scribble art: 
  • Write your spellings in bubble writing and decorate with felt pens.
  • Write your spellings upside down, back to front, in capitals and with your opposite hand.
  • Rainbow writing. Draw a rainbow (must have 7 bands). Now write your spellings as many times as possible in each band in the right colour (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink).
  • Pyramid spelling for all words: 
  • Write a sentence using each word as many times as possible e.g. ‘I said that you said John was silly because he said Sam was leaving and I said that was rubbish’.


Lastly, we will send home homework once a week.  Homework will be one normal piece and one comprehension.  If you have any worries about homework, please have a chat with Miss Fitton or Miss Collins who manages the homework tasks.


Have a look below at what we have been up to in Foxes!

Today we enjoyed an exciting Science lesson! We learnt about classifying objects as 'alive, once alive or never alive' ...and then went on a Science Hunt around the school grounds! Have a look at the things we found... have a close look at the video clip of the worm below too - you can see his heart pumping blood through his blood vessels! We were AMAZED!!!!!



































Today (21/1/20) we took part in a Chinese New Year dance workshop! We had an amazing time learning a peacock dance, hearing the story of Chinese New Year and performing the dragon dance! Have a look at the pictures and video below!








We talked about why we LOVE Lydd Primary School - have a look at the lovely things that our children said!

 "I love Lydd Primary because we get challenged!"

 "I love Lydd Primary because lots of people are kind to me"


"I love Lydd Primary because we get nice challenges!"


"I love Lydd Primary because my teacher helps me with my work and that's all that matters"


"I love Lydd Primary because I love the teachers."


"I love Lydd Primary because the fun never stops!"


This is a song we have been learning in music called Kye Kye Kule!


We have been printing using different techniques...have a look at our bubblewrap dinosaurs!




We all talked about what we wanted to be when we grew up.......have a look below!





  Ice cream seller





We created pastel art from the Hindu story of Prahlad...have a look below! (We did get a bit messy though...oops!)