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Year 2: Foxes Class 2020/2021


A Message from the Class Teacher


 Hello Foxes and Fox Class parents (and visitors!)

Below, you will find a bit about being in year 2 this term. If you keep scrolling down beyond this information you can see what we have been up to so far this term!


What will we be learning this year? March 2021 onwards.



Hermelin by Mini Grey, followed by The Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl!



We will be sharing and enjoying stories, writing instructions, poems and recounts, describing characters and settings and role playing.  We study each book for a few weeks using the book to cover as many forms of writing as possible.  Through that work we will look at things like adjectives/nouns/verbs, finger spaces, cursive handwriting, direct speech, conjunctions, exclamations and questions, punctuation, developing vocabulary and phonics/spelling.

A note on post-lockdown learning (March 2021) - We are working really closely with the children to work out the key areas of need regarding reading and writing and will target the priorities to have them as ready for life in KS2 as possible. Children are really resilient and will bounce back, as will we all!



  • Addition in many forms e.g. extended vertical, practical, finding the difference and worded problems.
  • Subtraction in many forms e.g. extended vertical, finding the difference, minus, worded problems, bar models etc. 
  • Multiplication using arrays and multiples for support.
  • Division using sharing and multiples for support.
  • Inverse to develop our understanding of the 4 operations above and their relationships with one another.

A note on post-lockdown learning (March 2021) - We are working really closely with the children to work out the key areas of need regarding reading and writing and will target the priorities to have them as ready for life in KS2 as possible. Children are really resilient and will bounce back, as will we all! 



Wider Curriculum - Topic: Kings and Queens

We will be:

  • Looking at plants.

  • Looking at Islam .

  • Textiles – weaving paper/fabric and cross stitch (creating heraldry and banners)

  • Castles, knights, heraldry, Queen Victoria, changes in recent memory, current royals.

  • Mechanisms - horses and carts, trebuchets etc

  • Gymnastics
  • Programming on Purple Mash


What you can do to help at home?

Reading is the MOST important thing you can do with your child.  We would encourage at least 3 reading sessions with an adult at home per week, if not more!  It has a HUGE impact on their progress in school!

To improve their in-depth understanding of their text, trying using these questions:

Do you see a word you know?                         Is it like a word you already know?

What would make sense/sound right?             Can you see a word inside the word?

What would you expect to see at the beginning of ...?         

Does the sentence make sense?

Where and when did the story take place?                   What happened after?

What did s/he/it look like?                                          How many ...?     

Who was s/he/it? Can you name the ...?                        Describe what happened at ...?

Where did s/he/it live?                                                Who spoke to ...?

Who are the characters in the book?                             Identify who ...?

Which is true and which is false ...?                                Can you tell me why?


We will also send home spellings for your child to learn.  Try to make this fun by playing games, singing songs, making up rhymes or silly stories and generally having fun with it! 

Some of the games you could try are:

  • Silly sentences! Can you create just one sentence with all this week’s spellings in?

  • Parent/guardian to cover the spelling word (written out large) with something and slide into view gradually… what word do you think it is? How do you know? What letters can you see that give it away?

  • Word un-jumble…pull letters out of a bag and re-arrange to spell this week’s spellings.

  • Pair up and play ‘noughts and crosses’ but with spelling words. 

  • How many times can you write your spellings in 1 minute? Can you beat your grown-up?

  • Try writing your spellings on the line with your eyes closed – who’s is the neatest?

  • Who can write their spellings the smallest and spell it correctly?

  • Who can make the letters to spell out their spellings from just paper…no scissors, glue or sellotape!

  • Create some spelling scribble art:  

  • Write your spellings in bubble writing and decorate with felt pens.

  • Write your spellings upside down, back to front, in capitals and with your opposite hand.

  • Rainbow writing. Draw a rainbow (must have 7 bands). Now write your spellings as many times as possible in each band in the right colour (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink).

  • Pyramid spelling for all words: 

  • Write a sentence using each word as many times as possible e.g. ‘I said that you said John was silly because he said Sam was leaving and I said that was rubbish’.


Lastly, we will send home homework once a week.  Homework will alternate between maths and  comprehension.  If you have any worries about homework, please have a chat with Miss Fitton or Miss Collins.


What have we been up to this term?

CollaborEGGs Easter Project: http://www.eastcliffcreatives.com/collaboreggs-2021



30.3.21 - Easter baking - Today we baked Easter cookies for our family to say 'Happy Easter!' Have a look at a few snaps of us being star bakers below!




29/3/21 - Science - Plants

Have a look at some of our fantastic decorated plant pots - we are planting sunflower seeds - stay tuned for update photos!




24/3/21 - We created paper towers out of nothing but paper, glue, sellotape and scissors! They were fantastic - have a look below:




 17/3/21 - We were fantastic Home School Heroes during lockdown! Have a look at some of Fox Class's amazing work!


We have created some fantastic pieces of Harvest art based on Giuseppe Arcimboldo's work, such as this one:

 Have a look here at our wonderful pieces of art!




Nov 2020 - We have created some amazing space themed modelling for our topic called 'Out of this World!'

 They started life as this: 

But through fantastic team work and some brilliant imaginative techniques, they quickly ended up looking like this: