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Our Community Multi Academy Trust is a group of town, city and village schools that have joined together to provide the very best education for the children in our care and where we believe that education is very much a matter of the individual.

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A Message from your Class Teacher

Welcome back to school and to Year 3! This year we will be working very hard on a range of different topics, as well as learning to work as part of a team, learning about growth mindset and becoming more independent learners. 

In English we will spend the year looking at a range of books and carrying out a wide range of reading and writing activities based around them.  We will also be developing our reading and writing skills through a range of both short films and longer chapter books.  Spelling is a big focus this year, so we will be looking at mnemonics, tricks and tips to help us improve our knowledge of how words are written. Children will have the opportunity to enter Spelling Shed competitions to support this. Furthermore, we will be improving our reading skills to work on our comprehension of texts on a variety of topics. 

In Math we will be focusing on a range of key skills; developing written methods, increasing speed, increasing our knowledge of shapes, measures and data.  Whenever possible we link Math to real life situations.  We will also be practicing our times tables every day to help us gain confidence and speed ready for the times table check at the end of the year. Times Tables Rockstars is really helping us with our fluency!

Click on the link below to see what else we will be getting up to, by looking at our our curriculum map. We are on cycle A.



PE is on Tuesday, though it is useful to keep PE kits in school from Monday –Friday in case we have any special sessions. 


How can parents help? 

  • Reading at home.  Please remember to log all home reading on Go Read so that they can be awarded stamps towards our school reading rewards prizes. Please note, it is fine to sign Go Read whenever your child reads something, not just their scheme books.  Enjoying reading is just as important as building up a range of skills!
  • Looking at everyday measurements and prices when out shopping or cooking at home.
  • Making predictions about and discussing any TV programs that you may watch together. This really helps build an understanding of the world, as well as helping with comprehension and creative writing skills. 
  • Time.  Telling the time using both (including with Roman numerals) analogue and digital clocks.
  • Times Tables. Support with learning the facts in preparation for the times table check at the end of the year.

Thank you for your support. 

Mrs Lucas



What exciting things have we been up to during terms 1 &2?

Our first Topic is 'Travels through Time', starting in the Stone Age so we have been enjoying the book UG and comparing the fiction to the reality. Would you like to live in simpler times like that?

In Science we have been making fossils and are looking forward to a lesson on rocks involving chocolate.

We have begun to use our ICT suite. We've been familiarising ourselves with computers, learning how to log in and the importance of internet safety.