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Our Community Multi Academy Trust is a group of town, city and village schools that have joined together to provide the very best education for the children in our care and where we believe that education is very much a matter of the individual.

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Year 4: Monkey Class

Welcome Monkeys!

During terms 1 and 2, we went back in time to Ancient Egypt, learning wonderful facts about the river Nile, their lifestyle and comparing modern with ancient times.

During terms 3 and 4, we became smugglers, inland revenue officers and soldiers. Dating back to between the 16th and 18th century. We focussed on our geographical local surroundings, the history, the importance behind smuggling and the changes that took place.


We worked hard on our 3 and 4 digit place values, leading on to addition and subtraction of 3  and 4 digit numbers. We moved on to multiplication and division of 0,1,10 and 100.

In term 3 we linked our statistics with our Computing lessons. We enjoyed collecting data from a tub of sweeties and learnt how our data can be represented in tables and charts. We next looked at the area of rectilinear shapes.

We are currently working on our fractions, comparing diagrams, looking at equivalent fractions and fraction addition and subtraction methods.

Throughout the year we shall be ramping up our times tables focus, preparing us for our Multiplication Tables Check in Summer 2022. 

The following links will help support your child's multiplication learning and through repetition will help improve their recall speed:





Beginning the year with Gorilla by Anthony Brown, thinking about the characters, their feelings and the speech, focussed around images from the book.

Following on with Egyptian Cinderella by Shirley Climo, a lovely story, possibly the oldest version of Cinderella, dating back to ancient Egypt and linking beautifully to our topic. We looked at the features of a diary and wrote an entry as the character. We used the wonderful illustrations to brainstorm adjectives, prepositions, nouns and verbs, in preparation for the planning and writing of our own story.

Kicking off term 2 with firework poetry, using powerful vocabulary, verbs, personification and expressive onomatopoeias.

Varjak Paw by S.F. Said, was our next class story, as we learnt more about the characters, we researched facts on the different types of cats and used comparative language to write a non-chronological report. As the story unfolds, we looked at the use of apostrophes to create missing posters, punctuated direct speech, expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials and collective nouns to create a poem.

Linking our Ancient Egypt topic and English together we learnt about Howard Carter, his discoveries, his lifestyle and experienced writing a diary in his shoes.

Smuggler! by Martyn Beardsley links to our Smugglers topic. Using prediction and inference skills we discussed the possibilities of where this story may lead us. We became inspired by a scene from the story and used this to describe the setting. Using images and our knowledge of the story so far, we thought about the characters emotions during key events. Through role play and hot seat tasks allowed us to get a real insight into the characters, question and discuss the possible outcomes.

Spelling is a big focus this year, so we will be looking at mnemonics, tricks and tips to help us improve our knowledge of how words are written. Children will have the opportunity to enter Spelling Shed competitions to support this. Furthermore, we will be improving our reading skills to work on our comprehension of texts on a variety of topics and through a range of short films.  


In Monkeys class, we have a class library where children throughout the week take it in turns to snuggle down and enjoy reading a good book, comic/magazine or newspaper of their choice. We have a range of activities throughout the week, focussing on reading comprehensions to draw on retrieval and inference skills, we have short burst texts such as poetry and fact finding, we have a range of resources to suit all genres and every child reads aloud to an adult to include phonics, blending and key elements of specific needs. Children have a class reading book and a home reading book which can be logged on GoRead by the pupil or parent. In class we celebrate the completion of books and all the wonderful reading at home, the children compete in a reading race where they collect stickers. Each child will also complete a book review to show their understanding too.



P.E is on Tuesday/Thursday afternoons, though it is useful to keep P.E kits in school from Monday-Friday as the children regularly participate in additional PE and sports workshops.



The most important thing children can do at home is to keep up with their reading. Please remember to log any reading on the Go Read app so we can keep track and update the children’s bookmarks in school.

In addition, children should be practising their times tables, using either Times Tables Rockstars, singing along to multiplication songs or trying out one of the fun dances on the BBC Supermovers site. 

Children can also log into Spelling Shed to play games and complete assignments linked to their spelling words for the week. 


Year 4 Music

On Friday mornings, we use our own brass instruments, issued and kept at school and take part in lessons from a specialist music teacher.


Mrs Lucas