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Children come to school to learn and develop as individuals; any behaviour by another that stops this happening is unacceptable


Good behaviour is expected from all the children in our school. Care, consideration, politeness, co-operation, tolerance and mutual respect are the qualities that we seek to encourage and develop. Our school rules are simple and clear and all children are expected to comply with them.


School Rules
1. Be kind and gentle
2. Be helpful to others
3. Always do your best
4. Listen to others
5. Always tell the truth
6. Look after property


We believe that children need to take responsibility for their actions. Our discipline policy reflects this, placing a large emphasis on rewarding appropriate work and behaviour. Wherever possible we will involve parents in the reward process by sending home certificates or telephoning parents to let them know when their child has been particularly successful.

Those children who choose to misbehave, by breaking the rules or stopping others from learning will face a series of clearly explained and escalating sanctions. Every classroom follows our ‘names on the board’ behaviour policy, with ticks placed next to names and clear sanctions if behaviour does not improve. The board is wiped clean everyday.


If a child’s name is placed on the board and they continue to misbehave they will be moved away from their table or to another class. In some cases they may be sent to a member of the senior leadership team. Sometimes children may miss part, or all of a break time.

In extreme circumstances, for example if a child becomes a danger to themselves or others or if they persistently disrupt the education of other children we would have no hesitation in taking further measures over and above our normal behaviour policy. Such measures may include exclusion, temporary or permanent, for part or all of the school day.


We consider bullying to be repeated behaviour that makes others feel uncomfortable, threatened or distressed. This can be physical, verbal or emotional. Whilst occurrences in our school are extremely rare they are dealt with firmly, quickly and sensitively. The exact response would, of course, depend on the nature of the bullying however in all circumstance parents of the children concerned would be notified and the situation carefully monitored.