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Religious Education



At Lydd Primary School, the intention of our RE curriculum is to promote the moral and spiritual growth of our children in terms of developing awareness of themselves and consideration of others.




R.E. is taught following the Discovery RE syllabus. In each academic year, the children study two religions, one of these being Christianity alongside another religion.  The aim is that they will build on their understanding of these two religions and will gain knowledge and understanding to answer a big question each term.  It is hoped that they will develop the confidence and skills to put forward their own ideas about these which takes account of the knowledge that they gain through their studies.  Each term always starts with the children beginning their enquiry by using their own experiences as a starting point and then relating this to the religion they are studying.  Once they have finished the unit they form their own answer to the enquiry question.


In accordance with county policy, parents do have the right to withdraw their children from RE lessons, although we would hope that parents would discuss the matter with the Head of School before taking such a step.




Children at Lydd Primary School will be able to put forward their own ideas about religions whilst listening carefully and responding thoughtfully and sensitively to viewpoints which may differ from their own.


RE in Nursery and Foundation Stage


Children are introduced to Christianity  and the idea that different people have different beliefs.  They think about things such as what makes people and places special and  learn about the Christian celebrations of Christmas and Easter.  They learn about festivals from different religions and cultures such as Diwali, Holi and Hunnakah.  Children enjoy carrying out the practical elements of some of these celebrations such as making Diwali lamps, colouring t-shirts for Holi and making hot cross buns for Easter.  The children are exposed to books from a range of cultures and encouraged to ask questions about these.




Through our rolling programme children will study Christianity alongside Judaism in Cycle A and Islam in Cycle B.  Children will answer such questions such as was is always easy for Jesus to show friendship?  They will always use their own experiences as a starting point.




During their time in KS2, children will study Christianity alongside Judaism, Sikhism and Islam.  They are given the opportunity to deepen their understanding of these religions and will be encouraged to think for themselves about some of the knowledge they will need to answer their big questions.


Discovery RE - guide for parents