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Kent Test

For those parents who are considering entering their child for the Kent Test, we have provided you with an over view of the process so that you are aware of the various requirements placed upon all involved.



Parents will be able to register for the Kent Test online via If you register online and provide a valid e-mail address, you will receive your child’s assessment decision via e-mail on the published date. Please be aware that postal results can be delayed.


The test is taken at the beginning of September when your child enters Year 6.

PLEASE NOTE: Kent has adopted additional tests for entry called the Shepway Test which takes place at the Grammar Schools.



When results are sent out to parents, they will simply confirm whether the child has passed the Kent tests or not. Further details will be supplied to the primary school, who will confirm the exact scores in a letter to parents.



Those who consider appealing, please be aware that you cannot appeal until you are allocated a school. If you wish to contact the school to arrange a meeting with myself and the Head of School to discuss your child’s scores and possible appeal, please find out the marks first.

The pass mark may vary from year to year.


Head Teacher Assessment
Primary school headteachers are provided with the results at the beginning of October. They have the right to apply for a 'Headteacher Assessment' (often called Headteacher Appeal) for children who have not reached the pass standard. This is carried out on a confidential basis without parents being informed. A panel of headteachers consider a selection of work submitted by the primary school, the English Paper taken as part of the Kent Test and a report containing evidence from the Primary school headteacher.


If the child is successful in the headteacher assessment, then the decision is regarded as a pass on an equal footing with those who gained automatic selection through test results. This means that the child is found selective and this decision is recognised at all Kent grammar schools.


Taking the Kent Test after the due date:
Please note, there are only two reasons for being able to take the Kent Tests after the agreed date:

- Your child is ill for one or both tests and this is confirmed by a Doctor’s letter;

- You move into Kent after 1 July and submit your SCAF by the advertised date in December.

If either of these reasons apply, you will have to wait until April and submit an application to individual schools through the in-year Admissions process who will arrange testing. Contact KCC admissions to confirm process.

Schools will offer some or all of their places to the highest scoring applicants. You need to read the oversubscription criteria for each school to determine the rules for each one.

Depending on the school, the pass mark may only be determined by the scores of those applying and will become public when decisions are announced.


Appeals will be considered on an individual basis and should be discussed with your Head of School. The Village Academy’s criteria for appealing for a Secondary School place will be considered on an individual basis. Please be aware that not all appeals may be able to be supported by the school and will be discussed with you at the initial meeting. As a general guide, children with scores below 105 in any of the tests (unless there are specific reasons for a low score (medical etc) are unlikely to be supported at parental appeal.


It is very important that you make the school aware of any potential issues before or at the time of the test that may have an impact upon your child’s scores. These may include bereavement, Family illness, family break- up, child’s illness or any other unusual or disturbing circumstances.


The Head of School will require a full set of information for the appeal hearing:

  • The children's latest scores / copy of the most recent report to parents
  • 11+ results
  • A copy of the final version of the parent's letter
  • A copy of the final version of the School letter in support


Appeal dates, times and locations should be communicated to the school as soon as they are received to ensure that they can be attended by the Head of School / Principal.


We hope this gives you some insight into the Kent Test Process.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Head of School who will be happy to help.