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Acronyms and Abbreviations

AT        Attainment Target (in National Curriculum)

ASD      Autism spectrum disorders

ADD     Attention deficit disorder

ADHD  Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

BA        Bachelor of Arts

BSP      Behaviour Support Plan

BSS      Behaviour Support Service

CAF      Common Application Form

CAF      Common Assessment Framework

CAT      Cognitive Ability Test

CP        Child protection

CPD     Continuing Professional Development

CRB     Criminal Records Bureau

DBS      Disclosure Barring Service

DCPO   Designated Child Protection Officer

DfE      Department for Education

DOB     Date of Birth

EAL      English as an Additional Language

EBD     Emotional and Behavioural Difficulty

eCAF    Electronic Common Assessment Framework

EFL       English as a Foreign Language

EP        Educational Psychologist

EWO    Education Welfare Officer

EYFSP   Early Years Foundation Stage Programme

EXT      Executive Head Teacher

FEX      Fixed Term Exclusions from school

FFT       Fischer Family Trust (a charity that provides estimates of pupil performance)

FS         Foundation Stage

FSM     Free School Meals

FSP       Foundation Stage Profile

G&T     Gifted and Talented

GPS     Grammar Punctuation Spelling

H&S     Health and Safety

HMI     Her Majesty’s Inspector(ate)

HOS     Heads of School

HT        Headteacher

IWB     Interactive White Board

IEP       Individual Education Plan

INSET   In-service Education and Training

IT         Information Technology

KS        Key Stage

KS1      Key Stage 1 Years 1-2 (5 - 7 year olds)

KS2      Key Stage 2 Years 3-6 (8 - 11 year olds)

KS3      Key Stage 3 Years 7-9 (12-14 year olds)

LA        Local Authority

LAC      Looked After Children

LEA      Local Education Authority

LIFT      Local Inclusion Forum Team

LLDD    Learner with Learning Difficulties or Disabilities

LLE       Local Leader of Education

MFL     Modern Foreign Languages

MLD    Moderate Learning Difficulty

NC       National Curriculum

NCY     National Curriculum Year

NoR     Number on Roll

NPQH  National Professional Qualification for Headship

NQT     Newly Qualified Teacher

OFSTED  Office for Standards in Education

PAN     Planned Admission Number

 PE       Physical Education

PEPs     Personal Education Plans

PGCE   Postgraduate Certificate of Education

PRU     Pupil Referral Unit

PSHE    Personal, Social and Health Education

PSHE+C Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education

PTA      Parent Teacher Association

PTR      Pupil Teacher Ratio

QTS      Qualified Teacher Status

R (yr)   Reception (Year 1 etc)

RE        Religious Education

SATs     Standard Assessment Task/Test

SCR      Single Central Record

SDP      School Development Plan

SEF       School self-evaluation form issued by Ofsted

SEN      Special Educational Needs

SENCO Special Educational Needs Coordinator

SLD      Severe Learning Difficulty

SPaG    Spelling Punctuation and Grammar

SLT       Senior Leadership Team

SMSC   Spiritual Moral Social Cultural

SMT     Senior Management Team

SoW     Scheme of Work

SpLD    Specific Learning Difficulty

SURE Start       A government programme bringing together, early education, childcare, health and family support agencies

VA        Voluntary Aided

VC        Voluntary Controlled

 VRQ    Verbal Reasoning Quotient