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COP26 UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021

Did you know plastic can be recycled to make cricket bats?

Did you know that recycling one glass bottle or jar saves enough energy to power a computer for 20 minutes?

Do you know why Greta Thunberg has travelled to Glasgow this week?

Have you heard of an incredible man named David Attenborough?

This week, the children at Lydd Primary have been thinking in class and assemblies about these eco facts and discovering more about COP26; where more than 200 world leaders met this week in Glasgow to discuss climate change and solutions to help our planet.

Find out more information about COP26 and fun facts here:

And when you get home after school, why not watch Maddie & Greg aboard the polar research ship - Boaty McBoatface, at 4pm on You Tube? Follow this link here:

We look forward to seeing your Tapestry posts with anything you have found out or watched at home to do with COP26 and why not log any topical reading onto the Go-Read app too!